What’s my ishi vest or scarf made of?
Awesomeness! To be specific, fair trade, naturally-dyed (with herbs and minerals), chemical-free, organic fabric. W00t. We work with a company that employs near-zero waste principles, so the water that goes out is practically cleaner than when it came in (it’s amazing).

Hear it straight from our factory partners:


Oh, and check out these sexy herbs we use to dye ishi vests:

ishi herb dye chart

How do I wash my vest or scarf?
Good news: your ishi vest or scarf rarely needs a bath. When necessary, hand wash in cold water (don't soak), air dry (in shade), & use gentle detergent (try organic). Don’t forget to iron warm (inside out). Viva la vest!

What if there is discoloration of the fabric?
The chemical-free dyeing process results in high-quality, one-of-a-kind, naturally-dyed artisanal products. Sometimes naturally-dyed fabric can show slight discolorations or imperfections, which give the product character and spunk. That said, if you are unhappy with your ishi vest because of a discoloration, please let us know and we will exchange it for a similar product (if available - otherwise, we'll issue you an ishi credit that you can use towards future purchases).

How long will it take to get my vest or scarf?
Your ishi product should arrive within 2 weeks, depending on the shipping option you’ve chosen. You will receive a tracking number within one week of placing your order -- and generally much sooner. We apologize for shipping delays experienced during our Kickstarter campaign. We were blown away by the support and demand!

Are ishi vests just for dudes?
Good news: drawing on community feedback, we just designed our first ishi vest exclusively for women! The original “unisex” design is a more traditional "Nehru" style vest that may or may not work for curvier women. For women who want a more fitted vest, try the new lady-style. For those who like a unisex fit (great for less-busty women), try the “original.”

Measurements for the unisex vest:

When is the next vest coming out?

Great question! We’ll be asking ishi supporters to vote on designs, styles, and colors throughout the year. Like us at “ishi vest” on Facebook or “sign up for ishi deals” on our homepage to be in the know, yo.

Will you still sell scarves?
Thanks to popular demand on Kickstarter, we designed a new infinity scarf with a special “twist”-- pockets! We sold out of our first batch in one week, and we’ll keep bringing new designs to life.

What if my vest doesn’t fit?
We want you to be happy in your ishi vest! We’ll gladly exchange it for a different size if possible. Please email orders@ishivest.com to coordinate an exchange. If we don’t have the size and color that you want, we are happy to issue you an ishi credit that you can use towards future purchases so you can keep on vesting.

Mail returns to:

ishi vest, ℅ Harishi Patel
1750 N. Humboldt Blvd
Apt. 2
Chicago, IL 60647

How can I give you feedback on my ishi vest or product?
Glad you asked! We’d love your input on what you like & what can get better. Drop us a line on Facebook “ishi vest” or at orders@ishivest.com.

Don’t be a stranger. <3

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