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  • This Black Friday, Buy Nothing

    Thanksgiving is one of our favorite times of year. It's a beautiful day to give thanks and enjoy friends and family. This year, we are encouraging you to hold on to that feeling of gratitude one day longer. This Black Friday, buy nothing.

     Enjoy leftovers instead of the stores, sales, stress and stampedes. Take the day off. Carve out some time to be mindful before the holidays get too hectic. #OptOut. Or better yet, #OptOutside! 

    "Buy Nothing Day is an international day of protest– celebrated internationally this year on November 27 against excessive consumption and the unrestrained shopping frenzy of the holiday season...take back our sanity by buying nothing on purpose."


    Ready to join the Buy Nothing Day movement? Tell us on Facebook how you'll #OptOut. We'd love to hear how you'll spend your day. 

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