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    We’re in the news today! Check out our interview in Chicago Ideas Week and drop us a line with your thoughts:

    --UPDATE: ishi is featured in the Chicago Tribune today! Woot!--

    "The Local Look: ishi vest" By Erin Robertson, Chicago Ideas Week

    "ishi vest co-Founders Harishi Patel and Jackie Mahendra are up front about the question they most often hear: Hey, what’s up with the vests? The answer starts simple enough, with fielding questions on where to purchase a vest he had picked up on a recent trip to India. But ishi vest has grown into something much deeper. The vest company hopes to start a conversation about fair trade practices and the labor that goes into the clothes we all wear. We talked to Patel and Mahendra about the power they see in a simple vest.

    Why did you choose Chicago? Tell us about what it means to be a nonprofit in Chicago.

    Both of us have deep roots here and actually met in Chicago in 2007. We love that Chicago is full of young solutions-oriented, community-minded business owners, and we’ve joined with other values-driven organizations in Chicago to support everything from World Fair Trade Day to sweatshop-free ordinances. Chicago has a vibrant history of manufacturing and is becoming a hub for technology, philanthropy and social enterprise. At the end of the day, however, our community is what most inspires us, and we are thrilled to partner with amazing companies like Mata Traders, Chicago Fair Trade Association and Ten Thousand Villages Evanston, institutions that share our passion for sustainable fashion.

    What are your next steps?  

    We are excited to continue building partnerships with Chicago-area retail locations, as well as with stores across the country. Chicagoland can already find us at Ten Thousand Villages in Evanston, for those who prefer an in-store experience. Finally, we are developing a new program, ishi | connect, that links U.S. businesses with the fair trade companies we work with in India. This is something that owners and designers reach out to us about constantly. Working to connect the dots and help people feel good about their clothes (and how they’re made) is what motivates ishi vest to practice radical supply chain transparency and support other businesses to do the same."

    Read the full article online at Chicago Ideas

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