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  • Spread the word and save big

    Here at ishi vest, we go big when it comes to vision, values, and style, but we're still a tiny company. We really value your recommendations and think you -- our community -- are the best when it comes to spreading the word about what we're doing. So we’ve put together a sweet little referral program for y’all! Here’s how it works: 

    Step 1: Grab a discount code here
    Step 2. Customize your message
    Step 3: Share that code to give your friends 20% off at ishi vest
    Step 4: Get 10% back and get yourself a new scarf!


    When you sign up for our referral program, you’ll be able to put some money in your pocket and spread the word about sustainable fashion. We'll help you spread the word via social media. You friends and followers will thank you - and so will we!

    Again, sign up and share the love here.
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