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  • we <3 sustainable fashion! 10% off at Salts

    Here at ishi vest, we think that organic fabrics and beautiful designs are what it's all about. So we immediately connected with Salts Organic Clothing. ishi vest and Salts Organic Clothing both work hard to make amazing products that are sustainable, awesome, and change our world for the better.

    Salts was established in 2005 in a beachside trailer with a vision for creating quality clothing with fabrics like certified organic cotton, viscose from bamboo, hemp, soy and merino wool. The fabrics are healthier, more sustainable and beautiful. We love what we do and we hope you are enjoying it too.

    Want in on the good vibes and great fabrics? Well you are in luck, because ishi fans get a special 10% off at Salts Organic Clothing! Just use the promo code ishi<3 while shopping at Salts. It's a great time to check out their tops and dresses for summer - and did we mention how well they go with a light scarf or vest? 

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