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  • Afghanistan veteran reflects on Memorial Day and ishi community

    This Memorial Day, Afghanistan veteran and peace activist Brock McIntosh shares a powerful reflection on his experience and why ishi vest matters to him.

    ishi vest friend and veteran Brock McIntosh

    At some point during my deployment to Afghanistan in 2008, it occurred to me that how many Americans think about war is not unlike how they think about shopping. They want it fast, they want it cheap, and they don’t want to think about where it came from or who had to suffer in the making of it.

    This is why on Memorial Day, I like to remember both my brothers and sisters who died from war as well as the people abroad who lost their lives, homes, or well-being in the process. Since coming home, I try to live my life with intention—from the policies I support with my voice and my feet to the companies I support with my wallet.

    I love my ishi vest because I know that behind every detail of the vest is thoughtful care for all involved—the growers, the makers, and the customers. And it looks damn good.

    Thanks to our friend and ishi community member Brock for this reflection. How are you commemorating this Memorial Day? Leave us a comment below.

    You can also support Brock's project to honor a friend and Afghanistan veteran who passed away by suicide this past September at

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