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  • Launching a photo journey with Couple of Dudes' Lawrence Braun

    We are about to kick off an exciting collaboration with photographer and storyteller Lawrence Braun, of Couple of Dudes, who will be capturing stories about the ishi community and mission. We can't wait to bring you his stories over the next four months, but for now, enjoy his bio below!

    lawrence braun

    I’m a professional hack, bird enthusiast, and lover of oysters, dogs, film photography and the outdoors. I rambled from NJ to VT to CA then to Northeast PA to live on a farm and work to build better local food networks.
    After five years of farm life, I'm on a hiatus and back to doing photography full-time to tell stories of people making things happen on the DIY maker and local food levels. I recently met Harish and ishi and was captivated by the company’s energy, the social and ecological mission and the beautiful aesthetic of the textiles.
    I received my first ishi scarf and upon wearing it, realized it’s value to me. Besides being a beautiful and colorful garment to wear, ishi to me, is a symbol of earth justice. I wear it proudly to represent me and my style but more than that, I wear it because I recognize that it is a vehicle for an important dialogue- one that we all need to be having with the world. Of justice, of authenticity and of celebration of this wonderful world we live in. I’m keeping busy with my wedding photography project, Couple of Dudes, and in my spare time, I'm traveling, shooting film and blogging at



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