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  • Reflecting on Rana Plaza + Earth Day

    This poem is by ishi co-founder Jackie, in honor of Earth Day and the 2nd anniversary of the tragic Rana Plaza, Bangladesh, factory collapse. Leave a comment & share your thoughts! 


    we rise, ready 

    every day, a choice
    a turning away
    or a turning to see
    that sweet abundance
    that flows from empathy
    from fighting for a brighter future
    from not closing our eyes when the
    ice cracks, the tide swells, the river cries out

    when slick surfaces collapse, unchecked
    and the women who sew our cheapening wares
    scream in looped agony
    trapped inside the jagged rubble
    of overgrown desire, laid bare

    these images haunt
    but they also call us to act
    and in acting, together, we surge, soar
    grow strong enough to see that, fundamentally,
    we are not alone

    in wanting more-- or less, perhaps--
    in wanting to forge another path
    in dreaming bigger and brighter
    and bolder than ever before
    we rise, ready
    to become

    A Bangladeshi mother grieves at the grave of a garment worker identified through DNA matching. Relatives mark the one year anniversary of the building collapse in Dhaka.

    Photo by reazsumon
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    • Mike says...

      Beautiful poem!

      On April 23, 2015

    • Elyse says...

      Thanks for sharing your beautiful poem.
      Every choice we make, echos up and down the paths of production and use.
      The more we understand about the conditions of production, the more we are able to make choices that benefit everyone.

      On April 21, 2015

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