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  • #ishifavorites winner: "shine brighter"

    Seeing all your #ishifavorites last week blew us away, and we wanted to share these highlights with you:

    In the end, we chose a submission by "@icook4you2" because of her powerful caption. We hope you're inspired reading this to "shine brighter." Connecting ishi-istas is a big part of why we started ishi vest. So thanks for helping us show why what we're doing together matters. <3

    "My #ishiselfies #ishifavorites pic of choice is of new #friends in spiritual community who inspire and motivate me to shine brighter. My appreciation for my #ishivest #ishiscarf and #fairtrade practices stem from my own #History /#Herstory as the daughter and granddaughter of share croppers. My father grew up picking cotton on a plantation alongside my grandmother on land not belonging to them. They worked from sunup to sundown, earning a mere 3.OO/100 lbs. of cotton. My Dad picked roughly 300 lbs. a day, earning 9.00 towards books, household expenses, and his weekend recreation of choice. As a youth my Father was denied a complete primary education, and made to pick cotton until he left the South and my Grandmother behind at the age of 15. To see workers earn a living wage, and consumers live sustainbly in a way that helps instead of harms our planet is most surely, #necessary."

    Hope you all are shining bright today, and congrats to our big winner!

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    • Zion Butterfly says...

      Thank you so much team ishi! Your products and yoir principles align in pure perfection. I really value what you do, and I’m so humbled and happy to have been chosen as your winner. Your work is important. ;) ♡

      On April 07, 2015

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