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    "What does community mean to you?"  We asked our ishi-istas to share what community means to them, and we received some amazing responses:
    Community means belonging to something greater than yourself.
    community = "my humanity is tied to yours"
    Community is being with people you like and care about.
    To me, community is more than just who you do things with, it's people who care about the same things as you. That way you can share it with friends, but also with people you just met!
    Community is... about being connected to people who share a similar passion and find a common purpose. One towards which each member gives of oneself wholeheartedly. Community is about love and intention beyond any identifiable (or invisible) boundary or border. Community is about taking the time to see the beauty and the value in everything around you; and having the added joy of sharing such an experience with a total stranger.
    We love our ishi community for all of their support over the past year.  We have been working to make the fashion industry more sustainable, and we love our ishi-istas for valuing eco-friendly and people-friendly fashion.  Here's to the amazing ishi vest community!
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