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  • Levi’s CEO doesn’t wash his jeans. And neither should you.

    Remember when we learned that a single pair of Levi's jeans consumes roughly 3,500 liters of water?  It turns out that nearly half of that water comes from the consumer throwing the jeans in the washing machine.

    This news comes from Levi's actively working to reduce their carbon footprint.  Starting with water.

    In order to make their jeans more sustainable, Levi's first decreased the amount of water used in producing jeans. Surprisingly, this is only about 4% of the total water consumed by a pair of jeans during its life.  Next, they created the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) to decrease the amount of water used while growing cotton.  Finally, they encourage consumers to washing their jeans less often, use cold water, and line dry them.

    We are glad to see Levi's making strides toward sustainability and look forward to learning where else they can improve in their supply chain or production processes.

    Over here at ishi vest, our ishi-istas have been strutting their stuff in our newest eco-denim vests, styles that are easy on the eyes and easy on the earth. By focusing on organic cotton threads and sustainable production methods in our new eco-denim line, we're able to provide a denim style that is earth-friendly; safe for workers (ahem. no toxic sandblasting here!); and has a vintage, artisan feel. 

    If you haven't yet, go ahead and snag your own eco-denim in either our longer tunic vest or traditional unisex style.

    And remember: whatever you do, don't wash those jeans.

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