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  • ishi welcomes Penny Gac's creative direction

    Over here at ishi HQ, we are thrilled to be welcoming Penny Gac on board.  As a multifaceted artist and Chicago native, Penny brings many years of experience in the artistic and fashion industries--focusing on styling, design, photography, and creative direction--to the ishi team.

    Penny studied Fine Art Photography + Design and Entrepreneurship.  She has worked as a Director of Visual Merchandising at Chicago's high-end Sofia Boutique, and she is an entrepreneur, co-founding a lifestyle line of handmade jewelry and vintage apparel.  And, to top it all off, she directed our last two ishi photo-shoots.

    By aligning her independent design aesthetic with her natural intuitive abilities, Penny insists that style is an expression of the way the spirit outwardly moves through an individual.  How cool is that?

    Penny is passionate about developing and supporting holistic systems of creativity, and she is thrilled to be sharing her skills with the ishi team and wider community.  And, in case you didn't notice, we're thrilled she's sharing them, too!

    Feel free to give Penny a shout-out on the ishi community Facebook page.
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