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  • the indian farmer suicide crisis rages on...

    Friends, we wanted to share some eye-opening news today.


    Farmer suicides in India -- one of the main reasons that the ishi founders support sustainable, organic, and fair trade production in India -- continue, according to a new report by Down to Earth.  The latest stats show that this alarming trend is not limited to cotton farming regions, although these areas have seen the majority of suicides to date.

    Watch Harishi Patel describe why he co-founded ishi vest in a talk at UIC:

    When we hear news like this, we want to thank all of you ishi-istas for standing up for people and the planet -- rather than profit alone -- with your purchases.  Reports like this make us want to find new ways to tackle these horrifying problems together.

    Leave a comment here or on Facebook if you feel moved, and keep on shining bright, y'all. The world needs your light!

    If you are interested in helping solve this problem, you can donate to the Association for India's Development.  Under Donation Information, select Agriculture Fund in the Designation drop-down menu.  The Agriculture Fund supports projects that address the large-scale agrarian crisis across India.

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