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  • check it out: ishi vest reviewed by Onehunted

    We meant to post this review from the awesome folks at Onehunted weeks ago, but better late than never!

    It begins:

    Fair-trade.  Chemical-free dye.  Organic cotton.  Wood buttons.  And an inside pocket?!  

    Glad y'all noticed -- we try to make every aspect of an ishi vest as awesome & sustainable as humanly possible. We're kind of obsessed.

    Here's the rest of the review:


    The vest is beautiful.  The design features clean lines without a lot of frills.

    To be clear: This is not at all like the vest that came with your three-piece suit.  ishi vests have a decidedly earthy vibe:  The buttons are wood.  The material’s weave is soft and textured.  Its naturally dyed oatmeal color tone makes it look as organic as the cotton truly is.

    You could rock this as light outerwear with a scarf on a cool Fall day or stand out from the crowd at work by wearing it indoors over a button down shirt.

    As ishi point out on their website, the vests have the following features…


    A few of our observations about the vest that are worth emphasizing:

    1. It’s really soft.
    2. It’s well-constructed—inside and out, this is a beautifully crafted garment.
    3. The fabric on the inside has a great pattern—We’d actually recommend ishi consider making future versions reversible!
    4. We’re willing to bet you have nothing like this in your wardrobe.

    And one more cool thing about the company:

    10% of all profits will go to sustainability efforts in India and the U.S.  ishi staff will select projects they find inspiring and invite customers to select which receive the funds.

    Upshot: If you’re considering investing (pun intended) in any new piece of clothing in 2014, definitely consider an ishi vest.  It will help you Look Good, Do Good, and Feel Good.

    Well, we're pretty big fans of Onehunted's motto ourselves, taken from their homepage:

    High style. Meet substance.



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