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  • NPR's Planet Money follows an ordinary t-shirt across the world

    A new NPR series has been making the rounds online, with the powerful premise, "Behind [a] shirt, there is an entire world."

    photo credit: NPR Planet Money

    This is a very familiar way of thinking to us at ishi vest.

    In addition to the many key challenges raised by NPR's Planet Money series, issues of genetically modified (GM) seeds in countries like India go far beyond environmental safety. The story of GM seeds, companies like Monsanto, and pesticide practices enter into the realms of farmer autonomy, disease, and a rising epidemic of farmer suicides.

    As Belen Fernandez writes in her opinion piece, "Dirty White Gold:"

    According to filmmaker Leah Borromeo, director of the forthcoming Dirty White Gold about cotton and fashion, the dearth of international concern over the issue is also a result of the fact that "people haven't made the connection between our consumer habits and the lives and deaths of farmers".

    These largely hidden connections are the world behind our clothes that we want to help illustrate as we journey to India this winter, and as we continue on this journey to making awesome, fair-trade, sustainable products. Our goal from the beginning has been to create a set of artisan products that connect and inspire people to rethink even our smallest choices.

    We plan, like this incredible NPR series, to do that by taking you all with us on this wild journey to create vests with benefits. We'll be posting images, videos, and interviews up on our Facebook page.

    Oh, and even as Harishi and I head to India next week, we are still happy to offer the last of our Kickstarter line of products, in time to order for the holidays. You can support this journey all while investing in fair-trade, awesome, organic products your loved ones will, well, love.

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