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    howdy ishi familia,

    happy almost-vestivus!

    but seriously, over here at ishi vest, we're taking stock of everything we have to be thankful for this season. whew, there's a lot!


    as we get ready to shop for friends and family this holiday, we're challenging each other (and you!) to shop mindfully. that is, to keep in mind our impact on the planet and its people as we search for awesome gifts our loved ones will -- well, love.

    it's a daunting task at times, but we can't forget that even our tiny choices add up -- and even small acts can inspire others to go chemical-free or stand up for workers and rivers halfway across the globe.

    looking for a little inspiration? check out the latest ishi gifts in our online store:


    as we look forward to spending time with family and friends, we are counting you among our blessings. we hope you know that your support inspires us to craft ever more beautiful designs that point toward the world we all believe is possible.

    with gratitude,

    harishi, rhea, & jackie

    team ishi


    ps. got an awesome, sustainable gift idea? post it on our facebook page, and help inspire the ishi community!

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