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harishi in an ishi vest

“what’s up with the vests?”

It’s a question we get a lot. It all started after Harishi Patel returned from a powerful trip to India. Total strangers kept coming up to ask him where they could get a vest like his.

Conversations about fashion quickly turned to the disturbing process by which our clothes get made -- polluting rivers and harming workers across the globe. A simple clothing choice became an invitation to connect -- and inspire.

Jackie Rhea and Harishi of ishi vest

After that initial spark, Harishi quickly turned to his friends and co-conspirators, Rhea and Jackie, and together we began dreaming up how to create a hip, conscious clothing line that reminds us how our smallest choices can have a huge impact. Co-founders Jackie Mahendra and Harishi Patel continue to develop and evolve ishi vest.

We're still in "startup mode," but we're thrilled to see so much love for the product and the vision in just a few short months of launching.

anatomy of an ishi vest:

    our launch

    With just 30 days to make our dream real, we launched our Kickstarter campaign in August 2013 in the hopes of raising $10,000 in seed money. We were blown away when we raised half of our goal in just 24 hours. By the end of our campaign, ishi vest had surpassed $23k on Kickstarter-- ensuring that we could make a new tailored design for women.

    Even better, the seed funding will allow us to make a “behind the scenes” video to highlight why the kinds of fair trade, sustainable benefits we offer are so critical. We were also thrilled to have backers from over 17 different countries and to gain the attention of major news and fashion outlets, including the Chicago Sun Times, WBEZ Chicago, and ecouterre.


    watch: vests with benefits 

    Not only are ishi vests fair-trade, chemical-free, and 100% awesome, but 10% of all profits we make will go to sustainability efforts in India and the U.S. that ishi supporters find inspiring. We'll simply select projects that we love and allow customers to vote for the ones they believe in.

    With an ishi vest, you get to stand out while you stand up for people & the planet.

    inVEST or partner with us

    Like what you see? We're currently looking for:

    - mentors who can help us turn an awesome launch into a sustainable business

    - partners to cross-promote hip, sustainable, fair-trade products

    - venues to speak, blog, and share the ishi story

    Get in touch: team@ishivest.com

    Oh, and check out the newest ishi vests and scarves!

    We got excited trying on the new summer colors like "strawberry," "smoked sage," and "indigo denim."

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